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Grosvenor Group appoints new leadership team

The Grosvenor Group has made three key appointments, with Nick Hughes being named the new Group CEO, Lee Brown becoming managing director of Grosvenor Leasing, and Giles Bolton sales director of Grosvenor Leasing.

Over the 40 year history of the business, all three have played a very important role in the Grosvenor Group’s success – the internal appointments coming after the sad loss of previous CEO, Shaun Barritt, who died of cancer in February.

Having been with the business for 36 years, Nick Hughes has been the Grosvenor Group’s Retail Franchise Director since 2009, developing its multi-brand operations. As a natural successor to Shaun Barritt, the two of them worked very closely across the group’s corporate and retail offerings during a working relationship that spanned almost 4 decades.

Lee Brown joined in 2001, and during his 21 years with the business has become managing director of its specialist fleet management business, Interactive Fleet Management, as well as head of 0Zone – Grosvenor’s award-winning green solution. Lee will retain these roles while also becoming managing director of Grosvenor Leasing.

First joining Grosvenor in 1997, Giles Bolton spent an initial 6 years with the business before deciding to move into different sales roles with other major vehicle leasing providers. Drawing extensive industry experience, he returned to Grosvenor Leasing in 2011 as head of corporate finance, making this latest appointment to Grosvenor Leasing’s sales director a very natural step.

“Shaun Barritt had a real ability to spot talented individuals, and coach, mentor and nurture them as they progressed into senior management positions,” said Grosvenor Group chairwoman, Nicola Johnson.

“As a result, all of our senior leadership team have been with the business for decades, making the appointments of Nick, Lee and Giles a very natural progression for the business.

“It means, after a period of great sadness for everyone in our business, we now have a very robust, stable management structure, and because they are all internal appointments we will continue to grow based on the longstanding values that have been so important to our success to date.”

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Call us today on 01536 536 536

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