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Think carefully before ordering another petrol or diesel car

More than 60% of drivers would consider an electric vehicle as their next car, over 55% of all new company cars delivered by Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management have plug-in technology, and the choice of electric cars entering the UK market is growing rapidly.

It all points to the fact that 2022 is set to be the year when we see a real transformation to electric cars.

According to Lee Brown, head of the Grosvenor Group’s multi-award winning 0Zone solution, which has been supporting companies with the transition to ultra-low emission and electric vehicles for 5 years now, we have reached that crucial tipping point where company drivers opting for traditional combustion engine vehicles are in the minority.

“Any company that has drivers still choosing petrol or diesel cars in 2022 and beyond should now be questioning whether this is a good idea for both the driver and the business,” said Lee.

“A vehicle delivered in 2022 will remain on a fleet for 3 to 4 years, and during that time we are going to see a very dramatic shift to electric vehicles, a rise in the number of clean air zones, a strengthening of the charging infrastructure, a growing social conscience towards the planet, and a rise in the cost of operating combustion engine vehicles.

“Our advice, therefore, is for companies to quickly move their company car policies and choice lists to ultra-low or zero emission cars, apart from exceptions where there is no suitable option to support a driver’s job role or if there are other inhibiting factors, such as drivers covering very high mileages.

“To encourage this shift to electric, its important to create a car policy that offers drivers the best choice possible of battery (BEV) and plug in hybrid (PHEV) cars, while clearly presenting the facts to them. This is relatively straightforward in the higher management grades, but the car policy should also make BEVs and PHEVs appealing in the lowest grades possible to increase uptake.

“Its also important to be open and honest in the advice and support given to drivers. For example, the BIK position is presently very attractive for cars under 50gm/CO2 and the operating costs of running electric vehicles is low – all at a time when news headlines are about soaring fuel costs and how expensive its become to drive a petrol or diesel car.

“However,  we are also likely to see a rise in operating costs for electric vehicles because energy tariffs will increase, and I suspect that the Chancellor’s unwillingness to publish BIK Tax rates beyond 2025 is likely to be down to a degree of uncertainty, but also that he doesn’t want to show a future rise in BIK rates at this sensitive time of transitioning to EVs.

“All of this needs to be presented to the drivers, however with the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel engine vehicles coming into play in 2030 it remains important to drive through the changes.”

The Grosvenor group’s 0Zone team has helped a large number of customers move to plug in technology, providing support with driver choice lists, the installation of charging points, running driver workshops to educate, advise and answer questions on EVs and helping with the overall smooth transition from combustion to plug-in.

For an impartial consultation about electric vehicles, please contact our 0Zone team on 01536 536 536.

Call us today on 01536 536 536

Call us today on 01536 536 536

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