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Company drivers should be risk assessed annually

Companies operating vehicle fleets should be risk assessing their drivers at least once a year.

That’s according to Mary Dopson, customer services director at Grosvenor Leasing, who says an annual assessment is not only a vital health and safety discipline, it also sends a clear message to drivers that their behaviour and ability is being monitored – and this leads to less accidents, a culture of safer driving and reduced costs.

This echoes the views of Andrew Wetters, policy advisor workplace transport at the Health and Safety Executive, who told a seminar organised by ACFO (the association of car fleet operators) that employers should conduct driver risk assessments at least once a year.

“At Grosvenor Leasing, our online risk assessment system covers a driver’s attitude, knowledge, concentration & observation, and hazard perception skills,” said Mary.

“Profiling drivers in this way has a number of key functions. It enables companies to risk assess drivers in the workplace for health and safety purposes, giving them a high, medium or low rating. It defines each driver’s training needs, and it also places a focus on safe driving and accident reduction across the business.

“In fact, most businesses save money the moment they start profiling with an immediate reduction in accidents. This is even before they carry out any form of training, because drivers are more careful knowing that they are being monitored, and they learn from the assessment process.”

Grosvenor’s driver profiling and e-driver training systems cover all major vehicle types including cars/small vans, large vans (3.5-7.5T), HGVs (over 7.5T), PCVs (bus and coach), and minibuses.