‘Green’ Timeline shows key dates for companies with vehicle fleets

Grosvenor Leasing has produced a handy timeline showing key dates relating to ‘green issues’ for companies operating vehicle fleets.

Covering items such as the introduction of WLTP for light commercial vehicles, the adoption of full WLTP for Benefit in Kind (BIK) and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) purposes, and the dates for Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in cities across the UK, the handy guide is an ideal aide-memoire for busy fleet managers trying to stay on top of constant change.

“This is the second timeline we’ve produced in the space of a year,” said Grosvenor Leasing’s green fleet specialist, Mark Gallagher.

“With so many dates to contend with, which will affect drivers and companies financially, we felt companies operating fleets of vehicles would appreciate an ‘at-a-glance’ guide to all the key dates so that they can see what changes are on the horizon and can plan for them.

“After the chaos last year over the introduction of WLTP for cars, the date most people will be looking at is 1st September 2019 when WLTP becomes mandatory for light commercial vehicles too.

“However, since there is no benefit in kind tax implication to their CO2 ratings, it may be a less stressful process. Unless of course the Government decides to shift the rules around taxation.”

For a free copy of the timeline please contact Mark Gallagher on 01536 536 536 or Mark.Gallagher@grosvenor-leasing.co.uk.