Long-term rental will help companies through Brexit

Company directors, unsure of how Brexit will impact their business, are being urged to look at long-term rental for their vehicle fleet.

That’s according to Alison Mead, head of rental management at Grosvenor Leasing, who says enquiries about longer-term rental have never been so high.

“Many fleet managers are looking to either retain an element of flexibility with their fleet in 2019, or are concerned about stock levels on new vehicle orders reaching the UK from European manufacturers,” said Alison.

“As a result, we’re seeing a steady rise in enquiries about our rental management service, and much of the interest is down to Brexit.

“With such uncertainty over the Government striking a deal ahead of the March deadline, an increasing number of companies are looking at long-term rental which means, as long as you keep the vehicle for more than 28 days, it then sits on a flexible daily agreement whereby you can return it without penalty at any time.

“It means companies can add or remove vehicles from their fleet with ease, giving them time to see what the true outcome and impact of Brexit is.”

Grosvenor Leasing offers two rental solutions. Daily rental is for up to 28 days, and long-term rental is for over 28 days.

All makes and models of vehicle are available, as well as commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles (for example, 4x4/off-roaders to help companies through snowy periods).

For more information, contact Alison or any member of the rental team on 01536 536536.