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Take the ‘easi’ option, and let Grosvenor Leasing manage your fleet

‘Whose job is it to take care of the vehicles?’

This seems to be a dilemma many companies wrestle with, in particular those with fleets not big enough to justify employing someone full time.

Without a full-time fleet manager, the role tends to fall to a variety of people. The often daunting task landing on the desk of someone in HR, finance, operations or even a director’s PA.

Yet an increasing number of businesses are removing it from their desk completely, with Grosvenor Leasing’s easi-Fleet Management an ideal option. For a fixed monthly management fee you remove the administrative headache of managing a fleet of cars or light commercial vehicles, handing over all day-to-day vehicle and driver management to the Grosvenor team.

“Managing a vehicle fleet, with daily supplier and driver contact is a huge task,” said Giles Bolton, Grosvenor Leasing’s head of corporate finance. “There are vast quantities of invoices to be checked, maintenance queries to resolve, the administration of tax, penalties and fines and a whole host of health and safety, and legal issues to stay on top of.

“No wonder companies find their cars and vans such a time-consuming and costly distraction.

“Surprisingly, however, many people allocated the task struggle on, inundated with calls and emails, working with data on excel spreadsheets, bemoaning the stress and constant distraction that even a small fleet of vehicles can bring.

“easi-Fleet Management is aimed at these companies and, as the name suggests, it couldn’t be easier. You simply hand everything over to our team of fleet management professionals to do the entire job for you.

“In doing so you save time and money thanks to our expertise, but you still have all vehicle and driver data at your fingertips thanks to our web-based fleet management system.”

easi-fleet management is available for fleets using all traditional funding methods, including contract hire, outright purchase, hire purchase and finance lease. Clients enjoy the buying power and discounts of a leading leasing provider, and alleviate themselves of all core activities involved in running a fleet.

Consolidated invoicing removes all of the aggravation of processing and checking bills from garages, leasing providers and other suppliers. The service also comes with accident management, fleet administration to process MOTs, road fund tax, fines and tariffs, updates to the MIB database, rental management, and the management of fuel cards, driver risk and online driving licence checks.