Will any of your company vehicles be charged in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)?

Many diesel owners now pay an additional £12.50 to drive into the centre of London (i.e. the same zone as the congestion charge), although with companies tending to have newer vehicles, the impact on businesses with cleaner, more modern cars is less than with privately-owned cars.

The reason many privately-owned diesel cars are affected is down to the fact that most diesel cars sold before September 2015 don't meet the latest emissions standard, known as Euro 6, making them subject to the charges. These account for around 9.5 million of the 12.9 million diesel cars on British roads.

The majority of diesel vans sold before Euro 6 for vans came in September 2016 will need to pay too. Petrol cars built since 2006 (Euro 4) will be unaffected, as these are cleaner than older diesels, along with all electric cars and most hybrids.

You can check online to see if a vehicle is ULEZ compliant or not. Simply follow the link and add the registration number and if there is no congestion charge applicable it’s a EURO 6 which is the latest standard for ULEZ.


Other ways of checking the Euro standard of a car is to view the V5 and see section D.2

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