Nicholls & Clarke Group

The Nicholls & Clarke Group, celebrating its 140th year, is a business dedicated to the manufacture, distribution & retailing of the finest building materials.

With 50 cars driven by its field-based sales team and another 50 by company directors and managers, the company’s 100 vehicle fleet has been funded and managed on sole supply with Grosvenor Leasing for 12 years, the full relationship with Grosvenor dating back almost 18 years.

Gary Gingell, Operations Director at Nicholls and Clarke, explains why Grosvenor has remained its chosen provider for all this time.

“When I took over the car fleet we were getting prices from a variety of suppliers and there was little structure to the policy. As long as drivers chose a car below a certain P11D value they had relative freedom of choice.

“This resulted in us having all sorts of unsuitable vehicles on our fleet that were expensive to run and hard to re-allocate if the driver left. At the same time, many contracts hire suppliers were suffering from acquisitions and moving to a call centre approach. The whole situation was far from satisfactory.

“Grosvenor, however, remained stable, with competitive pricing and great service levels. We, therefore, decided to appoint them as our sole supplier and build up a really strong working partnership with their team.”

Working with Grosvenor Leasing, Nicholls and Clarke improved its policy resulting in a single badge manufacturer for the field-based sales vehicles, and a restricted user-chooser approach for directors and managers.

The two companies also drove down emissions across the entire fleet which Gary says is important for a company operating in the construction sector.

“Quite simply, we get great service from Grosvenor Leasing and great advice,” said Gary. “They are experts in their field, just as we are experts in ours, and we work very closely together to drive down costs, ensure drivers remain mobile and make year on year improvements to the fleet.“

“It’s also refreshing to know that when we call, we still speak to the same account managers after all these years – with not a call centre or voice mail queue in sight!”